Avoid Thornton, Colorado, Emergency Plumbing with These 3 Tips

Avoid Thornton, Colorado, Emergency Plumbing with These 3 Tips

Leaks in your house aren’t always going to be obvious, especially if it’s a slow leak that increases damage over time. A water leak left untreated over time can lead to costly repairs and serious damage. Having access to trained professionals who have experience in emergency plumbing from Thornton, Colorado can save you time, money, and stress. Check out the three most common warning signs of a flood before it happens to you!

Mold or Mildew

Even if you are someone who cleans your bathroom religiously, mildew or mold can often appear if you have a hidden water leak. Mildew and mold survive best in dark and damp places; pipes are typically hidden behind a wall or under the flooring, which creates the perfect environment for mildew or mold to grow if you have a pipe that has sprung a leak.

Having small amounts of mold and mildew appear in places where there’s water accumulation is normal; mold in the corner of your shower is completely normal. However, there should not be mold or mildew in other corners of the bathroom that aren’t connected to the shower. Mildew and mold in these places are clear signs of a leaky pipe. The longer the pipe is leaking, the more mold and mildew you will have growing.

Damaged Flooring, Paint, Ceilings, or Wallpaper

Leaky pipes affect other parts of your house and won’t necessarily lead to the growth of mold or mildew. Take a look at your walls; if any of your walls have warping or unexplained stains, blistering wallpaper or paint, it’s a sign that you have a leaking pipe.  Taking hot showers won’t cause your wallpaper to begin to fall off your walls; however, if you have a leaky pipe, the moisture from the leak will get in between the paint (or wallpaper) and the wall and destroy the bond between the two, which will cause the paint (or wallpaper) to fall off of the wall.

If your drywall is breaking into pieces, this is also a sign of a leaky pipe; once drywall is exposed to a significant amount of moisture, it becomes soft and begins to bubble up. If you have drywall ceilings and are experiencing a leak, you’ll notice that your ceiling is beginning to sag. On the other hand, if you don’t have a drywall ceiling, stains on your ceiling are a sign that you have a leak.

Smell of Old Water

If you have noticed a musty smell in your bathroom that lasts even after a thorough cleaning, there’s a large chance that you have a hidden leak. Since water is hidden behind a wall or flooring, it never has a chance to dry out, which breeds the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow.

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