Avoid Thornton, Colorado, Emergency Plumbing Problems in The Winter by Having Your House Checked by Professionals!

Avoid Thornton, Colorado, Emergency Plumbing Problems in The Winter by Having Your House Checked by Professionals!

Thornton, Colorado, doesn’t have much longer before winter hits, and that can mean all sorts of emergency plumbing problems… but usually only to homes which haven’t been properly prepared beforehand. Sudden drops in temperature tend to reveal problems within a home’s plumbing and heating systems quite dramatically, even though they could have been spotted earlier and dealt with.

Particularly if your home is older, it’s a good idea to have professionals look it over before freezing weather hits. Like going to the doctor for a checkup, the small cost of having your house checked out early on is a lot better than paying for emergency plumbing services in the middle of winter.

Ways Thornton’s Emergency Plumbing Experts Can Help Protect Your Property

1. Checking for leaks

It’s easy for a plumbing system to spring leaks which, most of the time, don’t cause any major problems besides slightly increasing your water bill.  However, it’s a different story during the winter.  Those minor leaks can easily seep into your walls or foundation, then freeze, causing cracks or worse.

Getting them fixed beforehand prevents this.

2. Winterize your sprinkler system

If you have an underground irrigation system, it’s vital to prepare it for winter before the first hard freeze. Otherwise, the remaining water in the pipes can expand, causing them to burst and potentially ruining the entire system – and possibly your yard too.  

Total Plumbing & Heating can verify your sprinklers are properly prepared for the winter.

3. Furnace Check-Ups and Repairs

It’s always a little chancy, firing up a furnace for the first time after it’s been left dormant for months. At the very least, it’s almost certain to need a new air filter. However, a variety of other issues within the furnace itself or in the ducts can cause problems with your heating system as well. These could damage the unit, or simply leave you shivering during cold winter nights.

Our professionals can quickly check out your entire heating system, and ensure it’s going to be there when you need it.

The Plumbers Thornton, Colorado, Trusts

With over 35 years in business, Total Plumbing & Heating has been relied upon by hundreds of homeowners and companies across Thornton and Westminster. We can ensure your property is fully prepared for winter, and avoid any unnecessary emergency plumbing calls.

Contact us today to schedule a checkup appointment!