Avoid Repairs & Commercial Air Conditioning & Cooling Problems to Keep Your Colorado Tenants Happy

Avoid Repairs & Commercial Air Conditioning & Cooling Problems to Keep Your Colorado Tenants Happy

No commercial property likes paying for extra maintenance, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.  A perfect example would be problems with the property’s air conditioning or cooling units.  Even in August, there are still plenty of weeks of hot weather left and your customers or tenants need their A/C.

A top Colorado commercial cooling repair service can get your A/C problems fixed quickly and easily – particularly if they’re commonplace issues.  If your property is experiencing any of the following, it’s best to get them taken care of ASAP to ensure the repair costs remain low.

 The Five Most Common Commercial A/C Problems

  1. Dirty or clogged filters

Just as with home units, the most common issues with commercial A/C systems come from the filters.  If you’re getting constantly low airflow throughout a building or property, that’s the most likely cause.  Dirty filters can also cause cleanliness issues, such as dust building up more rapidly than usual due to it coming out of the vents.

  1. Uneven cooling or air pressure

If people in different units or parts of the building are complaining about it being both too hot and too cold, that might not be a problem with personal preferences.  It could indicate leaks in the system which are causing some areas to get more airflow than others.  A Colorado commercial cooling repair company can easily find the leaks and plug them.

  1. Broken thermostats

Issues with thermostats – particularly older models – is more common than people realize, and can often make it seem like there’s a problem with the A/C system itself.  They can cause oddly varying or “random” fluctuations in temperature or fan speed.  Often, upgrading to a modern computerized thermostat is best – they’re more reliable and need less maintenance.

  1. Unusual noises

There are a lot of issues that can cause noises to come from a building’s vents, including leaks, broken vents, or problems with rooftop units.  This will need a professional to track down the source of the trouble.

  1. Blown fuses or capacitors

If an A/C system suddenly stops working and won’t start up again, it’s usually either the fuse or the capacitor.  However, keep in mind that these systems are often on high-voltage lines.  This isn’t something you would want to try to fix yourself

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