Advice from Pros on How to Prep Your Plumbing for Winter

Advice from Pros on How to Prep Your Plumbing for Winter

When you live in Denver, you may wake up to more than 300 days of sunshine each year, but the days that are not so sunny couldhave a dramatic effect on your residential plumbing system. Once the warm summer days with low humidity give way to cooler autumn days, you will have to start to prep your home for snowfall that comes along with winter. While many residents look forward to the snowfall in winter so that they can enjoy winter recreation, your pipes will not be as “excited”.

Winter brings freezing and pressure that makes it very difficult for your pipes to do what they were intended to do. With your pipes working overtime to bring you hot water while the ground is covered in snow, there is undoubtedly an increased risk of problems. Read on and find out more about the importance of winterizing your pipes and when it is time to call the professionals.

Frozen Faucet

Why Is Winter Such a Dangerous Time for Your Pipes?

You might think that your metal pipes are tough and virtually impenetrable, but that is not always the case. Year after year, professional plumbing experts in Denver see what a frozen pipe can do firsthand. When water freezes within a contained space, it expands. Since that space that it is contained in only has so much room, water searches for an exit and puts pressure on the pipes in the process. This increased pressure, if placed in a joint or weak area, can most definitely lead to a leak or a pipe burst once the water thaws. If you do not want to deal with both a mess and expensive re-piping, it is best to take action before you have trouble.

What Can You Do for Pipe Winterization?

Any reputable plumber in Denverwho has been offering hisservices for a long time, such as Total Plumbing,will tell you that the key to avoiding a burst pipe is to winterize. Locate exterior areas where there is no access to heat and no insulation to see which pipes are vulnerable. Disconnect hoses, drain pools, and invest in sleeves for pipes in basements and crawl spaces.

If you do notice that your water bill has skyrocketed or you have seen signs that you have a leak, you need to call the professionals immediately. Burst pipes are much more noticeable and damaging. Take preventable measures now and do not see it as a waste of time. If your pipes were alive, they’d thank you for it.

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