A Note from Denver Plumbing Pros: Leaky or Running Toilets are No Joke

A Note from Denver Plumbing Pros: Leaky or Running Toilets are No Joke

Potty humor can always be entertaining, but when your toilet spurs plumbing nightmares, it won’t be a laughing matter. In an article for The Huffington Post, Hometalk features a mildly horrific story of one of their bloggers. The home & garden information resource also provides some advice on finding and fixing leaks for folks to avoid or address similar issues.

Tired, and happy to be home, Jeff walked into his house after a red eye flight from Seattle. But his night had only begun. Upon entering his kitchen, Jeff was distraught to see that brackish water was leaking in through the ceiling. Jeff had always had plumbing problems with his house, but this nightmare was the last straw. He had had enough, and began checking his plumbing and preventing disasters before issues arose.

Do a Toilet Maintenance Check

Hometalk mainly tackled topics on maintaining your toilet, aside from checking your water pressure (which, when too high, tarnishes your pipes). You need to detect and replace faulty flappers, redo the caulking at the base of your commode, and clean your tank and bowl. These measures can help you identify and prevent the defects, corrosion, or clogs that could become the source of leaks.

However, not every toilet problem can be solved easily with do-it-yourself maintenance or quick-fixes. Some complicated issues might be hazardous to amateurs, especially if you’re not that handy with tools or familiar with fixing fixtures. Better leave the repair tasks to Denver plumbing professionals.

For instance, some leaky or running toilets require taking the whole fixture apart, fixing or replacing some components, and putting everything back the way it should be. Although it sounds simple, you have several considerations during these processes, such as preventing (dirty) toilet water from spilling onto your bathroom floor and flooding it, or keeping track of all the nuts and bolts, screws and fasteners, etc.

Another thing, when you’re having sewage backup on your bowl, it can make a stinky and unsanitary mess. The most common culprits are clogs, which are effectively removed through special equipment that you may not know how to operate.

Licensed plumbers in Denver like Total Plumbing, Inc. have the necessary tools and skills to fix these nightmarish problems for you. Don’t take these toilet issues lightly, and trust the right professionals to restore the efficient functionality of your porcelain throne.


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