4 Handy Tips for Businesses to Maximize Returns on HVAC Maintenance

4 Handy Tips for Businesses to Maximize Returns on HVAC Maintenance

For any business, HVAC maintenance is—or should be—an investment. It’s not enough that you bought the top-of-the-line equipment for your premises. You also have to ensure that it is functioning consistently and optimally for the comfort of your staff and customers or clients. You have to allot a budget for the regular inspection and fine-tuning of your HVAC.

HVAC Maintenance

You can bet that maintaining your heating and cooling system will be profitable in many ways. Aside from keeping the ideal temperature of your facilities, investing in HVAC maintenance will also help you avoid wasteful energy expenditures, costly repairs, or even injurious breakdowns in the long haul. Technicians can keep the efficiency of the unit, prevent extensive damages and accidents, and detect any issue that would prompt repairs or even timely parts replacements.

Here are some handy tips to profit more and maximize the returns on the maintenance of your HVAC:

Use a programmable thermostat smartly.

Install “smart” thermostats that will automatically adjust your temperature settings to your preferences or building activities. You can customize the schedule of when you want your HVAC’s temperature to go up or down (for instance, you can allow the room to be warmer if there’s no one there.) Just make sure you make a smart schedule, keep a log of HVAC settings if you can, and orient your staff, so you can maximize the energy savings and comfort.

Keep it covered outdoors.

Protect your equipment outside your building from natural elements like direct sunlight, rain or hailstorms, and falling debris. Make sure that the unit it sufficiently covered, especially if there are trees or other plants nearby, since leaves, branches, and other debris might fall into the system and damage it. Keep pets, pests, and stray animals (especially birds) screened out, too.

Prevent it from being covered indoors.

Avoid dust buildup and blockages on ducts, and prevent the vents from being blocked by furniture or mistakenly shut closed. Clean or replace filters responsibly.

Be proactive AND reactive with maintenance.

Don’t skimp on maintenance, particularly before and after high-use seasons like summer, even if you notice no problem with the system (being proactive). Be prompt with repairs or replacement when there are any issues (being reactive). Heating and cooling experts in Denver, such as Total Plumbing, can help you maintain your HVAC, so it runs more efficiently, functions well again after failures, and prevents you from losing money.


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