3 Tips for Maintaining Your Home Gutter System from Your Local Thornton, Colorado Plumbing Team

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Home Gutter System from Your Local Thornton, Colorado Plumbing Team

Your gutters do a lot of work all year long. The fall and winter can be especially hard on your gutters, filling them with debris, leaves and broken branches. Neglecting to clean your gutters can cause roofing, foundation and drainage issues in the summer. Fortunately, cleaning your gutters can now prevent leaky drains and the avoid the need to possibly call for plumbing services in Thornton, Colorado.

A well maintained and correctly operating gutter system prevents water damage to your home by moving water away from your house. When gutters are filled with debris they can become clogged and water is collected. The collected water can cause damage to your home.

Although you should have your gutters cleaned more than once a year, spring cleaning of the gutters is the perfect way to prevent summer flooding, enhance drainage and provide effective and efficient water run-off. Below are three great gutter cleaning tips.

  1. Inspect Your Gutter System

Your gutter should be inspected to ensure water is running effectively and the system is draining. Look for cracks that might be allowing water leaks. And check for loose or missing fasteners.

  1. Remove Debris

Once you’ve inspected the system and located any structural problems, remove all debris such as leaves and twigs from the space. This will help further improve water flow around the home ready for the spring and summer season.

  1. Repair Damaged Areas

During your inspection, you can try to repair holes and other damage to your gutters and downspout. Look at your local hardware store for gutter repair tape, which is designed to require minimal surface preparation and offer waterproof performance.

Repairing your gutter effectively now can prevent future damage, stop debris from landing in the system, and enable easier cleanups in the future.

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