Summer in Colorado is also known as lightning season and the formidable--although often forgotten--threat to your safety should never be underestimated. Lightning strikes can cause massive power surges, around 50,000 degrees F of heat per bolt, which can then result in fires leaving extensive property damages worth up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as deaths and injuries. These grave risks should encourage every homeowner to improve protection at home.

Recently here in Colorado we have experienced lots of rainfall in the last month. From Colorado Springs to Fort Collins, there are areas that measured almost 15 inches of rain in the last 28 days! colorado-flooding-2 Here are some tips from Tim Ruel, Total Plumbing Service Manager:

The warm seasons are here—now’s the best time to have your furnace inspected before the cold season comes ‘round again. Your home furnace is an extremely useful piece of equipment, but it can also be hazardous to your wellbeing if not well taken care of. For this reason, it is necessary to have your furnace inspected at this time of the year to prevent fire hazards and certain health problems when you start using your furnace again.

Time can really wear down your plumbing system and tarnish its parts. However, accidents like large, solid household items getting flushed down toilets may also happen and hasten the wear and tear or make them more glaring. Of course, bad habits when using the garbage disposal, toilet, and other fixtures would do the same. Above all, the biggest mistake that you can do is not having your plumbing system maintained regularly by professionals.

There’s definitely more interest in preserving vintage homes today. Many homeowners or prospective homeowners see the potential in the quaint properties of an old home and its historic architecture. With a few tweaks and refinishing, they can make the property sparkle as a unique home and shine as a reflection of their personality.

How can something so cool turn hot in seconds?

HVAC systems are a prevalent source of fires, costing hundreds of millions in property damage. In 2010, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reported more than 7,000 house fires related to fans, air conditioners, and other such appliances. Central and room HVAC systems were the most prone, having accounted for a third of the fires.

Home additions offer a different challenge in cooling and heating. By adding more space, you also add the area your Denver HVAC system has to cover for optimal cooling and heating. This often requires a major overhaul of the existing system to add more power for less energy, most likely extending the ductwork, which doesn’t come cheap.

Sometimes your home is literally telling you that there’s something wrong with it—you simply have to pay attention. For instance, do you hear a dripping sound in the middle of the night that you can’t seem to find? Or worse, do you hear running water all the time? You may already have a substantial water leak problem in your hands. Tracing a leak in your home’s plumbing can be a challenge, but it needs to be done. The speed at which you find the source will rely largely on the type of leak you have.

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